Dr. Dorothy Jordan

About Dr. Dorothy Jordan

Dr. Dorothy Jordan

Dr. Dorothy Jordan

My goal is to learn about my patients and to develop a complete and holistic approach to treating the specific challenges they face

My Approach

My approach is solution-focused. Together we will develop a treatment plan focused on therapy which may include medication. My goal for you or your family member is not only to achieve an accurate diagnosis, but also to provide holistic, personalized mental health care. Together, we will develop a plan for mental health and wellness

My Training

I have received graduate degrees from Emory University, Georgia State University and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Further, I am Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist by the American Nurses Credentialing Center

My Specialities

I work primarily with children to adolescents, young adults and whole families