Dr. Hanan Trotman

About Dr. Hanan Trotman

Dr. Hanan Trotman

Dr. Hanan Trotman

In my time as a psychologist, I have been fortunate to work with diverse groups of people. I have worked therapeutically with children, adolescents, and families across a range of psychological conditions including ADHD, learning disorders and other difficulties. I have conducted psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments in both individual and family therapy since 2003

When I am not in the clinic, I spend my professional time as a researcher and teacher. I have taught courses at Oglethorpe University which includes Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychological Testing.  I am often a guest lecturer or speaker for classes at Emory, Morehouse, and Georgia State University.  Currently, I am an NIH Research and Teaching Fellow at Emory University where I split my time between research at Emory and teaching at Spelman College

My Approach

At my core, I am a scientist-practitioner. My clinical practice, research, and teaching continually inform one another

My Training

I am a licensed psychologist with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from Clemson University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Emory University

I received clinical training at the Medical College of Georgia and the Charlie Norwood Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center