What We Do

About Decatur Family Psychiatry

What We Do

We are practitioners of medicine and the science of psychology.  We believe that as individuals we are fundamentally expressions of our complex and unique physiologies.  Our genetics, our anatomy, our environment from our conception influences who we become.  When there are problems with how the nervous system’s physiology functions there can be problems with mood, behavior, cognition, personality, arousal, sleep, anxiety, social engagement, reality testing, attention, concentration, organization, production, passion, drive, desire, and even our will to live.

Our role as practitioners is to sort through the symptoms. We search for possible paths to symptom relief. We test these hypotheses and conscientiously work toward realistic goals of recovery agreed upon by the patient, family and practitioner.

The symptoms we see every day in our practice include:

  • Problems with attention and concentration
  • Impulsiveness
  • Poor productivity
  • Difficulties with behavior including noncompliance and defiance
  • Anxieties – performance, social, anticipatory, phobias, panic
  • Mood Difficulties including depression, irritability, agitation, anger, tearfulness, loss of pleasure, inappropriate euphoria
  • Problems with explosive anger with aggression to self, others, and objects
  • Abnormal thinking whether problems determining reality from fantasy or issues with severe rigidity
  • Compulsive Behaviors and obsessions
  • Fixations and perseverations
  • Difficulties with substance abuse and dependence
  • Problems with relationships and social interactions

While there are seldom “cures” we will work with you to recover.  The work is hard and sometimes there are steps backwards before we make steps forward.  There are times when we will agree and times when our relationship will be tested.  However,  I have found in nearly thirty years of practice that commitment and persistence are rewarded by the achievement of a better balance.